Freitag, 9. September 2011

We are no slavedrivers

Okay, first of all, I LOVE quotes because it is up to interpretation and context what you make of them. Moreover it reveals in which paradigm people think.  
One of my really nice colleagues mentioned it in a sub clause, hinting that the other teachers and her pay close attention that I have enough breaks, food and room for myself. As there are these very supporting moments, there are others as well…Last week I got asked to laminate a new learning game consisting of din7 cue cards, din6 cue cards and Din4 paper which adds up to 56 pages (Din4). Bad news is, there are 10 of these games!! I have to stuff the smaller cue cards, edge on edge, into a laminating foil, laminate them, cut the page back into 8/6 cards and sort them again. Oh and yes, it is as time consuming and annoying as it sounds.
But as there is always a downside to everything you have to look on the “bright side of life”. For me, the bright side is that I meanwhile listen to Chinese podcasts or audio companions. In addition I dare to believe that this is a onetime only situation hindering me only for some time to work with the kids. I would have liked though, to be informed about this prior to the beginning of work as my field of work  was defined like that “ It might happen that you will have to produce some worksheets and other material for lesson, maybe even a little more in the beginning”.

Besides that one task there is not really anything at all I can complain about at work. My colleagues are always chatty and helpful, the kids are tiring but it’s a pleasure to work with them and even my boss is far away from the klischee-tyrant.  She updates my knowledge about school frequently, provides me with information about town and gives me advise how to live life over here.
In conclusion I am like my work, all the teachers around me and of course the school staff.