Sonntag, 18. September 2011

The only thing constant in life is change

Time flies; 5 weeks have passed and I still have not adapted a constant weekly cycle. Maybe it is because there are so many things to do, maybe because rapid change is constant or maybe because I do not wanna define a fixed schedules hence there might turn up something better tomorrow.
My primary goal at the moment is to enrol for a Mandarin course at a language school but the options are vast and I want to make sure that I chose the one which fits me best. In addition I am pondering about my sport schedule...fixed classes?, mood-wise? , 3 times a week?, 5 times a week?

Anyways, in the past week I received my Hong Kong ID-Card,  met tons of interesting people from all kinds of backgrounds, I discovered that the world is indeed a village, my favourite Dim Sum (bite sized delicious snacks) got competition: castle layered spongecake!, I cooked European food for friends for the first time, Southpark was watched extensively and intercultural exchange took place. I do not want to go into detail as the topics were somehow private but we had many laughs and I enjoyed every last minute of my weekend!

More updates and pictures will follow later, work is calling!