Freitag, 23. September 2011

Challenge the impossible e.g. learn Mandarin

I guess everyone of us has at least one thing in mind which we have been wanting to do since ages but just could not realise it into reality. For me, one of these cogitations is to learn 7 languages.

Now that I finally signed up for a Mandarin course at a language school, I came one step closer in pursuing this goal.I have 10 weeks to study for approximately 400 hours to get into the university course starting in January. This digit should be taken seriously as it is the official guideline recommended for the entrance exam of the course.
Two 120 minutes sessions per week plus homework should give me a good foundation for this challenging task. In addition I got a "private tutor" (a friend of mine who has doubtful and pestering amazing and innovative teaching methods. As I won't be able to speak much Mandarin in Hong Kong I will have to seize every possible practise I can get.

Wish me good perseverance and an alert mind.

So far my study material consists of a textbook/ workbook, a phrasebook, podcasts and some software for my audio capability.

This one being my textbook.

As you sow, so shall you reap.