Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Typical sights in Hong Kong: #1 Typhoons

For the past few weeks there has always been some ruckus about typhoons and weather they would hit us or just pass by unnoticed, like most of the time. The magical typhoon level is 8 as school, work and most of the shops do not pick up work on these days.

The same predictions made their way around and most of the persons I talked to believed in the inability of the Hong Kong Observatory to predict accurately but they were wrong!

When I got up at 6 o'clock in the morning and checked my mobile phone my eyeperceived a sms saying that the level raised up to 8 and school would be suspended for today! Not only did I get a couple more hours of sleep out of it but the city fell asleep as well, which rarely to never happens in Hong Kong.
Moreover all the noise from a nearby building site died down and one could only hear the rain for the past 5 hours. Truly magical!

Now it is official, I love thypoon as they bring out the better parts of Hoong Kong :)

Would you be able to predict the typhoon is coming?

The magical number 8 which is supposed to bring luck  in China!