Montag, 26. September 2011

Sightseeing #2: The Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery

Today my post will not have to much text as sightseeing is about pictures, not facts! The monastery (in fact it is a temple as there are no more monks living there) was build about 50 years ago by hand and consists of a few buildings, towers and a pagoda. In addition about 12,800 buddhas are displayed, ranging from a height of a few inches up to a couple meters.
Due to its historical significance it is listed as a grade 3 historic building which basically means that it is of somewhat important. Enough of the babbling, enjoy the picturesque photos. All credits go to a friend of mine who took them. It was just the humble me who did the editing and sharing.

The great hall with thousands of tiny statues. In reality the galanty show was mesmerizing!
Another shot of the smaller statues in the great hall.

The sage Buddha I assume? He must have been meditating for some time to grow such long eyebrows!

This one being my favorite Buddha of all times! Even though it is not a tradtional one it just looks amazing!