Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Amazing day

Yesterday, I spent another amazing day with friends and friends to be. The day started with Dim Sun for lunch at a famous place in Sheung Wan. We shared about six dishes and all of them were delicious. Other then food we talked about Cantonese traditions, manners in Hong Kong and of course Cantonese itself. I do not have the time yet to put a lot of effort into it though.
After lunch we headed out to Repulse Bay beach and had a good time relaxing at the beach and going for a swim in the warm water. So far we only missed one Sun/ Sandyday at the beach and it was always worth the trip. Repulse Bay does even feature free government WiFi giving us the possibility to skype next to the water.
Some photos will follow up ;)

In the evening we went out for a traditional dragon dance to Causeway Bay. The actual dragon dance was not too exciting as it was exceptionally crowded including many many tourists so one could only barely see the dragon. Good thing that we went there with some Couchsurfers! We spent the time after the festival at a restaurant talking about life and work. It is all about meeting new people, getting to know their life's work and making new friends. In addition one always learns something new e.g. that there is a language school close by our place where one can take lessons almost for free.

Later on  we will go to the beach again and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with traditional Moon Cakes, good food, friends and hopefully a clear sky. The last part could be a problem...