Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Traditional food

A few days ago I had the luck to be invited to dinner by an old friend of mine from Canada who was born and raised in mainland China. Long story short, he asked me to come to a so called tea house for dinner with him and two of his friends who are in Hong Kong for two days.
The interior design was quite old and, as he informed me, the restaurant has already been in business for 70 years and is apparently well known. The food served was very tasty but traditional so the ingredients do normally not appear on my diet. I do not remember all courses as the dinner had many diverse components.
For an appetiser we had pigeon lung in a rich source, followed by pork liver (cooked), pork liver soup (white colour), fried ham, pork feet, fried fish and finally a soup for dessert which was made from milk and some kind of nuts (very tasty).

Besides the dinner it was nice to actually talk to some locals and get to know about their opinion about education, overpopulation, travelling, working for the government and food of course!

At the 16th Cornelius and I started to work at the GSIS and we have been extremely busy since then as we work at the school from morning till afternoon and go flat hunting afterwards.
So far, we have been enjoying our work at  the school as everyone is mighty friendly and supports us from the bottom of their hearts. We receive many hints where to get good food, cheap shopping or get invited to lunch. In addition we can sometimes leave earlier if we have a flat-viewing in the afternoon. As school starts on Monday it will get more busy and we will have to work overtime for a few days.

That is why we try to find an apartment as soon as possible but it has been a drag so far! After hours on the Internet searching for flats, followed by numerous calls to agents and lots of flat viewings we finally found 2 possible options for accommodation. Wish us luck that something  works out!

edit: picture of the four of us in the tea house.

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