Montag, 15. August 2011

Nature vs. City

Today I was in the mood to take a look at some of the lush-green spots of Hong Kong. Therefore my journey took me, besides other places, to  KowLoon Park which is extremely beautiful and located just north of a popular shopping area. It is a neat place to escape the heat, sitting under the ancient mangrove trees watching the fish in one of the numerous ponds.
I used the time on a bench to discover the secrets of my new HK-SimCard.-->Proud owner of a Hk cell phone number :)

On my way back to the Island I had the chance to take a great shot of the skyline which I do not want to keep from you.

Back on the island I headed towards the Mid-Level-Escalator which is a mixture of stairs and escalators going up- and downhill. They connect the district Central with Soho and Mid-Level, one being popular for its nightlife and the other a fancied living district halfway up the hill, hence the name. The 30.000 people probably chose to live there because of the panorama like view and the quick way to work in central or maybe because of the beer on the way home?! ;)
 At the top of the "escalator" I took a turn left and walked downhill towards the zoological garden which is really  worth the trip. It features some reptiles, mammals and bird, too.

As the space in Hong Kong is limited by steep mountains it is amazing how architects use the available space to place infrastructure, buildings and parks next to each other. Most of the times the shift between concrete and soil is abrupt as ground is highly expensive.

The plans for tonight are to meet an old friend from Canada who is in town and pick up my future roommate Cornelius at the airport.

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  1. Hi Timarian,
    you've already been around! Sounds like you're enjoying yourself! Keep up the good spirits, say Hello to Cornelius and good luck, hope you'll find a suitable appartement soon. Dad.