Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

I was blind, but now I see

This quote could indeed be an extractfrom the bible but my source is a different one and my intention is certainly not to convert anyone.
On my flight from Dubai to Hong Kong the movie “Limitless” mesmerized me.  The protagonist was given a brain doping drug which increased his brain activity up to tenfold and allowed him to become the master of his soul; the captain of his fate, with some detours.
This quote amazed me as the protagonist was able to see his surrounding very clearly and his brain became able to process all of the data he received by his sense. For me, in Hong Kong, it meant to see myself without my surrounding and therefore the purer essence of me. Within one week in Hong Kong I became much more aware of my qualities and how I might use them in the future, as well as through passive feedback from others. In addition my weaknesses appeared evident  as well as the conclusions which made them a mere task to work on.
Moreover I devoted myself to the book “7 habits for highly effective people” by Steven Covey for a second time and it is stunning how much I was able to implement these habits into my life but I still lack. There is still a long way to go.
Hong Kong will be a good environment for me though as it will be a test me, what I can achieve through my own hard work in 10 months, without help from other people I knew before. Problem solving will be one of the qualities to master over here as well as getting to know other people and networking.
Furthermore one just cannot always plan ahead as the Chinese mentality presupposes a spontaneous and creative way to adapt and change rock-solid plans made a hundred years ago. Okay that might be exaggerated but it is indeed differs from the German approach.
In the end, another quote which I thing is very important for young ambitious individuals like me.
                                                    -Be humble, especially if you are capable-

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