Sonntag, 14. August 2011

First Contact, first impression

As I arrived yesterday I can finally share my first impressions of Hong Kong!
My flight was pleasant and public transport perfect as it is cheap compared to Germany and you can even pay with a rechargeable card called the Octopus Card. I was in such good spirits that not even the high temperature of 36 degrees and high humidity combined with a long walking distance and heavy luggage couldn't break my spirit.
The hostel in Causeway Bay has really good service,is neat, good located and clean. My friend and future roommate, who will work at the GSIS as well, and I decided to search for a flat to rent on site. Wish us luck!
During my first day I was just strolling through town for about 8 hours without a real destination, just lead by intuition and mood. My first impressions were somewhat like that: Hot, humid and lots of people/ shopping centres/ skyscrapers.
In the end I found myself on the Peak sky platform offering me this great view!

Tomorrow, my future roommate Cornelius will arrive and we might already search for a suitable accommodation...or discover more of the town, depending on the time and his mood. On Tuesday we will have our first day at the school even though the students still have summer vacation :(
Well, I guess it is good to get to know our colleagues and the school plus we won't have to work full time.

"Hong Kong is like life, full of unknown things but riddled with chances to grab"

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  1. Ich wünsch Dir viel Erfolg bei der Wohnungssuche - daumendrück!