Montag, 21. November 2011

Cockroachs and Water Bills

Curious what this post is about? Well I have been living in Hong Kong for about three months and by now I actually thought that I more or less know what the city has in petto. Well I was proven wrong today, as we received our first water- and electricity bill.
Nowadays one hears a lot about rising energy prices in Europe, so we payed close attention not to overuse the water heater, air con andof course to switch off the light when leaving the room. We even went that far to set our fridge to "winter-modus" during summerly 30 degrees! But see for yourself what kind of misfortune struck us...

Turns out: Energy is ridiculously cheap in Hong Kong!! Besides the enormously high rent, one does not have to fear additional costs when renting an apartment. As the government subsidise the first 140 HKD of every electricity bill in the city, every month, we did not have to pay a single cent for electricity yet.On the contrary we had to settle a derisory amount of 24 HKD for water, over a period of 70 days! Oh, and of course this bill is defrayable at ever ATM in the city in less than a minute. One just gotta love this city ;)

Well back to the actual story of the protagonist! When my flatmate came home today he found a rather odd guest in our apartment (no, this time it was not a couchsurfer who is commonly found at our place) but a cockroach. Being omnipresent in the city and especially in the crowded partying districts, these little fellows are a common site. But in our apartment?

 Apart from us being tidy and clean people we wondered HOW this daily doze of protein could have managed to reach our flat on the 8th floor. The most rational theory  (2 out of 2 votes) is that our neighbours have a cockroach farm to earn a little extra money to pay the rent. Nevertheless we treated him with best hospitality and gave him/ him a piece of rotten banana. Enjoy! Unfortunately he is no longer staying with us as we threw him back to his world, the dark alley full of eatable waste from the restaurant next door.